Urethane Powder

Powder Technology

Urethane Powder Coating Uses

Urethane powder coatings feature characteristics of excellent gloss retention and long-term resistance to humidity and corrosion in thin film applications. Urethane powder coatings can be used for interior components of washing machine, bathroom fittings, bathroom exhaust fans, air conditioners, machinery and lawn movers.
Technical Data :
Provides excellent leveling, smoothness and gloss. Superior hardness can be achieved (usually one "pencil" more than TGIC) and is designed for relatively low film build. Certain chemical resistances can be developed to a high level. This product is sensitive to cure parameters; they must be closely followed for optimum results.

Storage and Handling

KRIPTON powder coatings should be stored at normal room temperatures and humidity. Shelf life will be minimum 6 months. Always rotate inventories to ensure trouble-free powder application. Always protect virgin and reclaimed powder from excessive heat and humidity.

Industrial Hygiene

Powder handling should always be done in conjunction with proper dust collection and personal protective equipment.
Cured Film Properties :

Specific Gravity : 1.2 to 1.8 (Depending on color)
Adhesion : 0/100
Gloss : 40-90
Pencil Hardness : H-4H
Impact : 40 kg.cms to 120 kg.cms.
Flexibility / Bending : 5 mm - No fracturing
Salt Spray : 500+ hours
Typical applications include :
  • Agricultural Equipment, Construction Equipment
  • Air Conditioners, Electrical Enclosures
  • Lawn and Garden Equipment, Lawn Furniture, Office Furniture
  • Recreational Equipment
  • Under-hood Automotive, Wheels and Rims

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