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We have expertise in customized coating processes. We are at present doing specialized coating processes for off-shore machine parts and accessories, where high resistance against corrosion is required

Powder coatings are fundamentally liquid paint that is made without water or petroleum based solvents, much like dehydrated foods. The major difference between liquid and powder coatings at the point of the coatings use is that powder coatings must be stove in order to melt the dried paint together and cure the coating to its ultimate hardness. The use of heat to cure powder coatings creates the biggest performance feature. This performance feature in powder coatings is exhibited in final hardness and abrasion resistance of the coating.
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We have also in house design unit which helps in offering best possible solution to our clients. Each and every process is closely monitored and inspected by the team of the quality inspectors. They help in identifying fault areas and immediately taking the corrective actions, ensuring flawless range. Some of the steps involved with our comprehensive research and development process include:
In-depth raw materials evaluation
Computer-aided color development
Strict specification compliance
We have a state of the art laboratory with sophisticated equipments, which are apply by our Research & Development Department to develop new products according to the market trends and sometimes to change the market trends themselves. Moreover, the various aspects and processes of the product are analyzed from time to time to keep pace with the changing scenario of the trade globally.

State of the art testing facilities, including :

  • Conical Mandrel Bend Tester
  • Paint film Bend Tester
  • Impact Tester
  • Color Assessment Cabinet
  • Salt Spray Testing

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