Quality Assurance


Quality powder manufacturing

"KRIPTON" is defined as a "protective coating or covering". As well as being proper meaning for a protective coating, also projects the technology focus within the quality conscious environment. Kripton manufactures the powder as per the customers need to fulfill the demand of protection of the substrate. Kripton has exported the quality powders to various countries in Middle East and Africa.
Kripton manufactures specialty coatings for decorative purpose in various classes like Wrinkle; Hammer tones, Metallic finishes, Antiques; Structures and Texture finishes. Extensive quality control measures are taken to ensure that a correct particle size is maintained. This tightly controlled particle size distribution ensures exceptional pass transfer efficiency to the powder coatings end user.

Other factors contributing to a better-quality manufacturing process include :

precise raw material selection

Raw materials typically consist of resin, curing agents, pigments, extenders and additives such as flow and degassing aids.

high speed homogenized premixing and twin screw extrusion

this is one of the important factor in manufacturing process.

Stabilized product packaging

Storage conditions can vary for some powders so the product data sheet should be referred to at all times.

Strict, constant in-process control and final quality assurance

We assured quality through checks and controls, but the confidence gets instilled from aptitude, approach and commitment.

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