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About Kripton Powder Paints

Kripton Powder Paints Pvt. Ltd, a globally recognized technology leader and offers a full line of Decorative, High temperature, Functional and High-Performance powder coating products. we have a highly-efficient in-house Production Unit to create a wide variety of coating powders. We are ISO 9001-2000 certified.
Based on the end-finishing of the surface, we guide the customers in buying the ideal powder coats that uniformly blend and enhance the surface life. Starting from Glossy, Matt, Satin, Wrinkles, Metallic to Antique shades, our each product finishes the end-surface with the world-class powder coating. Furthermore, the coating is solvent-free, eco-friendly as well as machine-friendly. Our powder paints can uniformly paint various materials ranging from Architectural aluminum, automotive equipments, Electronics, Furniture, Window Frames, Handicraft, Control panel, Generator to Cycle frames.
Why Choose Us

Providing high quality powder coatings

We have skilled labor and adequate resources to boost the round-the-clock production, which meets the International Safety Standards. Moreover, we have:
  • Adequate color bank of more than 1500 shades
  • Experience of 20 years in manufacturing powder coatings
  • Timely deliverables in the required regions

Professional ISO
Certified Company

Customized powder
coating solutions

Technical team
for managing

Dedicated team
for research &

Providing Prominent & Leading Powder Coating Service From Nashik.