Electrical Equipments

Powder coatings are used for exterior housings in the electrical and electronic industries. However, they are also being evaluated for unique, functional applications such as transformer and motor windings; powder coating provides a significant benefit over conventional coating.

Lamps & Antique Products

Fluorescent, Clear & Transparent Finishes, Hammertone & Antique Finishes, Crocodile Finishes

Lights & Fittings

Epoxy polyester, Pure Polyester (Industrial Grade), Pure Polyester (Architectural Standard Grade)

Generator canopy

Pure Polyester (Architectural Standard Grade), Pure Polyester (Industrial Grade)

Control Panel

Epoxy polyester, Pure Polyester (Industrial Grade)


Epoxy Polyester, Pure Epoxy, Insulcoat, Fusion Bonded Epoxy

Bus Bars


ESD workstations

Conduct coat


Pure Polyester (Industrial Grade)

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